We all know that she probably wants to, especially after her recent speeches about growing up, settling down etc.

Paris is currently vacationing in Bali, and according to a recent tweet, she’s found a new BFF:

Doesn’t she just look absolutely gorgeous with the handbag and baby to match? I Love Paris’ great style, but babies shouldn’t become a fashion accessory, and on a more serious note; I do not think that Paris should be planning on popping out babies just yet.

Unless that actually is her baby, and she’s just been hiding it from us?! Just kidding.

All the recent pro-baby and baby-friendly talks have led me to believe that Paris wants to have a baby, like NOW. So the question is, DOES SHE? I wonder… Paris is known for getting what she wants, and if it is a baby she wants then we’ll probably see her getting knocked up pretty soon. Only time will tell.

Please keep us posted Paris, we love you but would hate to see you get baby-fat. 😛

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