Re-awakening my inner nerd has been a long time coming. I have been neglecting my web development talents because of various silly reasons which are no longer a concern. The nerd is waking up and joining the gamer and the fashion addict to form the new harmony that is me (Even though I’m still incredibly childish and borderline insane). And soon I might be re-awakening my inner businessman as well. I do, after-all, still own a registered company, even though it’s currently in a state of suspension. But more on that later.

The geeky side of me spent all weekend working on an awesome new web development project for DAVIDVENTER.NET by building a new WordPress Theme from scratch; something which I haven’t done in a very long time, and something which I’ve never done without the help and assistance of either a qualified PHP developer, the use of code generating software, or taking core parts from other templates as a starting point. No, this time I’m writing code line per line from the ground up, starting from scratch to create a website that will look and function exactly the way that I want it to.

The Web Development Process

In the world of web development, most front end designers only focus on the visual layout and design of a website. Once a website layout has been graphically constructed, visual designers would pass on the design to a CSS, HTML and PHP developer to make it functional on the Internet. Or some designers (like myself) would create a CSS, HTML version of the design and then pass it over to a developer to work his or her PHP magic in order to make it functional with a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, for example.

I am now aiming to complete all necessary web development steps myself, not because I don’t prefer delegating, but because I want to learn new things and prove to myself that I am still capable of producing amazing results. There is a reason why I held senior positions in this field before the age of 20: It is because not only am I a good leader when I need to be, but I am also capable of producing amazing work myself. I’ve neglected the geeky side of me for far too long. Besides, online media and web development go hand-in-hand. So by re-awakening my inner nerd I get to use my nerdy talents to compliment my online media outlet that is DAVIDVENTER.NET. And yes, I do plan on releasing my creation as a Premium WordPress Theme once it is complete. It will, after all, have all the necessary premium features built-in, such as layout, design and color customization from the admin area without the user having to know, understand or enter a single line of code.

Why now?

DAVIDVENTER.NET has been in serious need of a digital make-over for a long time. I was on the brink of purchasing a Premium WordPress Theme or Theme Generator. But then I thought, no, wait, why do that when I can do all the web development myself?

I still have a lot of work left to do on the theme and DAVIDVENTER.NET will remain looking shitty for a little while longer. But take note, that if my blog updates are slowing down, or it seams as though I have lost interest in sharing things with you guys, it is not because I’ve forgotten about you, but because I am working hard on something amazing that will improve this website, and the website of others, for a long time to come.

Don’t give up on me just yet! Watch this space! and follow me on Twitter. xoxo

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