Last night I was kind of bored, just laying on my bed and procrastinating instead of working on my novel. I messed around with some drawing and photo editing apps on my iPhone and to my surprise; created quite an epic looking piece of art…

iPhone Art by David Venter

Some of you wanted to know how I did it and which apps I used. So here you go…

Step One – Drawing in: Paper – miSoft

I first made rough scribbles in the ‘Paper’ app by miSoft [link] available for iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Art by David Venter Step 01

Step Two – Paint Splatter in: Emulsion Paint – Meritum Soft

Next I splattered some paint onto my drawing using the ‘Emulsion Paint’ app by Meritum Soft [link],  also available for iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Art by David Venter Step 02

Step Three – Toon Effect in: Effexy – Photo Effects – Blue Jinjer, LLC

Next I changed the color up a bit by messing with the ‘Hue’ and then applied a ‘Toon effect’ using the ‘Effexy – Photo Effects’ app by Blue Jinjer, LLC [link],  also available for iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Art by David Venter Step 03

Step Four – Light Effect in: LensLight – BrainFeverMedia

Next I  applied a ‘Lens Light’ effect using the ‘LensLight’ app by BrainFeverMedia [link],  also available for iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Art by David Venter Step 04

Final Step – Cropping and Filtering in: Instagram – Instagram, Inc.

Once I was satisfied with the artwork; I cropped it, applied a filter and border, and then shared it across my social media channels using the ‘Instagram’ app by Instagram, Inc. [link], available for iPhone. The final result was the first picture you see in the post above.

The cost of all these apps total to about $6.96 USD but if you’re a photography and art lover I highly recommend buying them since they’re well worth the bucks. I’ll be using them, along with a few other apps, to create more art in the near future. I’m even considering selling some iPhone art creations as prints via deviantart or opening up a virtual art gallery in the Second Life Online 3D Virtual World so that people can purchase the art for their virtual homes (think The Sims decor). But that is another project all-together for which I do not have time right now.

First things first: Let me get back to working on my novel. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little guide into how I made this art piece and hope that you’ll enjoy letting your creativity run wild using these awesome iOS apps. Let me know if you make any art using these apps. I’d love to see what awesome creations others can come up with! Till later ~ Much love. xoxo



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