April 2016 Desktop Calendar

Road to Something New, the April 2016 Desktop Calendar is focussed on moving forward. The entry months of the year are behind us and we’re at a place where we’ve either already given up on our new years resolutions, or we’re more ready than ever to move further towards our goals.

Whatever the case may be, April is the month of movement and change. It is time to take the road to something new; new seasons, new progress, new success, new friends, a new life.

Road to Something New

Taking the road to something new is quite literal for me: I have a new website,  focussed more on what I do professionally, rather than being a pure blog feed. I’ve started working with a creative studio that hired me to complete projects for their clients. I hope to tell you guys more about it real soon!

For serving my own new clients, I have new website design package information up on the DV STUDIO section of my new website. I have launched a fast new cloud server in London for hosting new client sites. And I’m relocating to Ekurhuleni, where I will live near an International Airport, and where I expect to build a new life with new friends, new business partners, new clients, and new awesomeness to discover on the road towards reaching my long terms goals.

Download the Calendar

The calendar is specifically designed for the 15-inch Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display, at maximum quality (2880 x 1800 px), best viewed at the “Default for retina” display resolution setting (1440 x 900 px) – It may or may not work on different screen sizes. Let me know if it doesn’t fit your specific screen size or resolution.


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