Early morning on March 28, a new cloud server, code-named dvhost01, was deployed in London. This new server is designed to be the foundation of DV STUDIO and DV HOST web-based services, and a fast and secure environment for hosting managed websites.

This website, along with those of existing clients, have already been migrated to the new server. As a result, you should be seeing faster page load times and enjoy an over-all better browsing experience.

It is my goal to make all websites I create, as fast and responsive as they possibly can be. With the resources of this new server, it takes me one step closer to reaching that goal.

Faster, more reliable Hosting

You might be asking; “But what does it mean to me?” Well, glad you asked! As a DV STUDIO Managed Website client, your website is now hosted on a private cloud server, using a unique IP Address. (Not a DV STUDIO client? Get in touch to experience premium quality, managed website services, tailored to your needs).

What this means is; greater performance, greater privacy and isolation from slow, unsecured, and often bad, shared-hosting neighbors; faster updates to modern web standards; and improved performance and search engine ranking.

Enterprise-class Email

In an effort to further improve security, performance, and over-all user experience; We’re switching to Google Apps for Work as our official email service provider. Google Apps for Work provides more than just email; we gain access to the entire Google suite of internet apps and services through a single user account.

Existing clients will receive one free user account, along with a guide of how to set up custom domain email aliases and mailbox forwarding. Additional custom domain user accounts can be created at $5/month per user account.

Why London?

Although already utilizing global cloud hosting architecture, global content delivery networks, and reliable DNS servers; the new London server location will provide South-African based DV STUDIO and DV HOST clients and server technicians with a lower latency connection to the server.

In short, we now have greater connection speeds and server performance on par with local hosting, but with the increased benefit of a more reliable infrastructure in UK-based data centers. More information regarding the infrastructure will be provided as the new DV HOST service continues to be developed. Watch this space!

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