On July 24, 2010, thousands of people around the world uploaded videos of their lives to YouTube to take part in Life in a Day, a historic experiment  to create a documentary film about a single day on earth.

Since then, Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald and a team of editors have whittled down over 80,000 clips (and more than 4500 hours of footage) into a 90-minute film that gives an honest and inspiring glimpse of our world.

We are invited to be among the first to see the film by joining the live broadcast of the world premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival at 8PM EST on Thursday, January 27.

Following the premiere there will be an interactive Q&A with Kevin Macdonals and a group of contributors to the Life in a Day project who have been invited to join Kevin at the festival.

Watch the Life in a Day premiere below:

Can’t see it? – Click here to visit the Life in a Day Sundance film festival channel

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