[20:44] Ashantee Nakajima: Big black titfucker with hungry hole available for double anal
[20:44] Coal Edge: um… wow
[20:44] Zena Naxos: mmm
[20:44] Redorange Magic: um, wrong window?
[20:44] Wilson McLuhan: Wrong group
[20:44] Joseph Montagne: well that’s festive
[20:44] Farrah Ceriano: is that available on the macbook?
[20:44] Vick Auggers: hmmm that sounds very suggestive…
[20:44] Ashantee Nakajima: Oh woopsy
[20:44] Penelope Grau: is anatomically puzzled by that one
[20:44] Odin Belgar: there is an app for that
[20:44] Koquise Zerbino: šŸ˜€
[20:44] Nila Byron: o.o

Oh the joys of random troll group chats in Second Life… šŸ˜€

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