Don’t Ask for Anything. I put this principle first to highlight how important it is. Understand that the advantage of forming a relationship with a famous person is not that they’re going to get you to live the highlife , or that they’ll use their influence to aid you. Hoping for this really is both extremely obnoxious and totally unproductive. Think about this: this person barely has time and energy to read your e mail, and you wouldn’t want to suffocate him with demands.

A better logic to get to know rich and famous people is that they are typically interesting people. Achievement isn’t the one road to popularity, but it’s absolutely a well sailed one. Your benefit in making friends with a VIP person isn’t that you will get rewards, but rather that you benefit from interactions with lots of his friends. The rich people I know are all smart people and are great conversationalists. These interactions greatly enhance you and inspire you to accomplish things individually.

At a rich people party one of my many rich friends once said that I was considered one of only two people he knew who have never tried to obtain money from him. My guess is that a majority of my renowned friends would furthermore say that I’m considered one of few people whom haven’t tried to help leverage their popularity.

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