I’ve been in love with my iPhone since the first time I switched it on. I’ve owned many different smartphones in the past from Nokia to Blackberry to Android Devices, but I’ve never loved and enjoyed any of those phones as much as I love my iPhone. And now, it loves me back, thanks to my virtual pet fugu; a modern iteration of the once popular tamagochi…

Upon opening the app for the first time you get to pick an egg in the color of your choice, which will become the color of your Fugu during it’s entire life span. Pet markings are random; you do not get to choose the type of marking and this, too, cannot be changed.

Once you have chosen your egg, you get to rub it and wait for it to hatch. After hatching you can start taking care of your little fugu by feeding it apples, peaches, grapes and star fruit that you pick from the trees surrounding your pet. You also need to pet your fugu to keep it happy by rubbing its belly till it flops over onto its back or by poking it to make it bark or giggle. Be careful though since you could easily poke it in the eyes and it won’t like that very much. You also need to clean up it’s poop and trash any fruit that has fallen from the trees and went bad on the ground. The only way to stop fallen fruit from going bad is to put them in your backpack. You can also exchange Apples, Peaches and Grapes for acorns, or Star Fruit for Star Coins which can be used in the store to purchase ground and tree decorations and even iPhone wallpapers. There is also a sticker book which you can fill by collecting stickers which appear at random in sometimes hard to reach places around your fugu.  But be careful, every time you use/share a sticker our of your sticker book it disappears, forever. But don’t worry, you’ll find the same sticker again, eventually, to replace the one you’ve used.If you keep your fugu happy, it will often provide you with gifts consisting of wrapped poop, fruit, or if you’re lucky; a new ground or tree decoration item.

Meet Nunu, my Hatch Pet Fugu…

The app is time-zone aware and the sky goes dark when it’s night time. The store is also only open during day time and fruit can’t be converted to acorns or coins when the store is closed. Your Fugu’s energy level depends on your iPhone battery level. When your iPhone battery is running low, your fugu will start yawning and look tired. Upon plugging it in, your Fugu will sleep  throughout, until you unplug it after charging.

The ring of flowers around your Fugu indicates its happiness level. Whenever the flowers go purple it means that your Fugu is happy enough to do a happy dance. Poke it to start the dance and watch the fruit grow at a rapid rate while the Fugu is dancing. Star fruit, which can be exchanged for store coins only grow during happy dances. Sometimes you’ll find up to three sat fruits growing during a happy dance and other times none at all. It seems to happen at random.

Once you’ve gathered enough acorns or star coins by either converting fruit or finding acorns which sometimes appear stashed in certain places around your Fugu, you’ll be able to buy a toy camera from the store. The toy camera allows you to take pictures with your Fugu Photobombing at random. I snapped this really cute picture with Nunu when I first got my toy camera…


I used to have a Tamagochi when I was younger. Now, having this little Fugu is making me feel somewhat nostalgic. I really love Nunu! It’s crazy how one can get attached to something which doesn’t really exist. I’m probably way too old for this but I don’t care. It’s the cutest thing ever! Get your own Hatch pet Fugu from the Apple iTunes Store today! You won’t regret it!

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