Since 1880, Victoria Hotel in Pretoria has catered to many tourists seeking warm luxurious comfort. It was said to be the best hotel in all of South Africa in the late 1880’s. Many guests loved the hotel and services so much, it became their permanent living place. When I say “permanent” I mean; they ended up dying there.

In the mid 1950’s, guests began to notice odd things happening around the hotel at night. The most seen hotel ghost is “The Lady In Grey” (Annie Margaret). Appropriately named, this lady in grey is said to swoop by guests walking around the hotel past 10:00pm. She mostly likes to hang out around the hotel centerpiece, the “magnificent staircase”. The staircase is what took her life in 1946, when she fell down it, breaking her neck. So, now it seems she is in an endless loop, and some guests have been a part of it. Other unnamed ghosts have been seen blowing candles and making noise in the kitchen late at night, or when no one is there.

I am not sure if I believe in ghosts, but some said-to-be real ghost videos have been pretty convincing to me. Overall, I think these are made-up stories that play with a person’s imagination. They can easily be conceived as real. I am becoming more open to paranormal phenomenons now though and plan to visit a few creepy places in the near future, maybe :D.

[ Article written by Sarah Kennings on behalf of Real Ghost Videos ]

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