I’m obsessed with Nick Jonas, not because of his music (I actually don’t really favor his tunes), but because he’s, in my opinion, the hottest guy on on the planet right now. The thirst is real! I mean, Just look at this…

Nick Jonas in Flaunt Magazine

Fuck me, right? Like, HELLO HUSBAND! I thought that I didn’t really have a type, but I definitely do, and Nick Jonas is 100% my type, in terms of appearance anyway.

He was on The Ellen Show recently, and Ellen asked him to take his shirt off, but instead, he responded with; “I’m done taking my shirt off, I did get some really good underwear from you so I’m going to now take my pants off.

“Oh my lord,” Indeed. Dear Nick Jonas, I love you! You are God! Please marry me! xoxo

[ Images by Flaunt Magazine ]

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