Are you struggling to penetrate the market? Is the market too tight? Business can be hard if you pull it alone. It’s always best to have a business partner; Someone who can help you penetrate the market. Think double penetration! Think of the market as a hole. Now just imagine how far you will come if you have someone to help you penetrate that hole. What if you could penetrate really deep? Just think of all the success that will come over you. If you can double penetrate the market hard and deep, you’ll be so stuffed and loaded with success, that gold will rain over you like a shower. But reaching climax isn’t always easy and sometimes double penetration is not enough. Sometimes you need to pull and come together with an entire team in order to penetrate deep enough.

Follow these tips during your next oral meeting. They will blow you away…

  • Group Action Inspiration:
    When you’re trying to reach climax in business, it’s important to get your entire group to focus on the same bottom line. In order to penetrate the market hole hard enough for your group to be showered with gold, you have to execute group action! Get your entire group to penetrate the same hole. Get them to work hard! Inspire them by showing them visuals of other huge teams who have climaxed in business. Share stories of wealthy golden showers. Inspire them to stuff that hole by showing them the big bulge in your wallet.
  • Ejaculate Great Ideas:
    When you’re effectively using group action to penetrate the market. It’s important to get everyone to ejaculate great new ideas of how you can dominate the bottom line. Some members of your group might have some ideas of things you’ve never tried before. Don’t shaft an idea until you’ve at least given it a deep inspection. You might discover different tools to penetrate the market. If you really want to go deep into that hole and find new ways to break open the market and simply dominate the bottom line, you have to try new things. Don’t stop ejaculating those ideas. It’ll benefit the bottom line and you’ll get deep into that market.
  • Never Be Dry and Tight:
    Whatever you do, do not let your motivation dry up! Do not let your thoughts become tight and limiting. It is your duty as an entrepreneur to stay thirsty, to wet all areas of your business with success, to shower your group with gold and to dominate the bottom line. And please, don’t be uptight by taking this article seriously, because I’m just fucking with you. But in all honesty, there is some valuable truth if you read between the lines.

And there you have it! Now get that team together for some oral group action, keep ejaculating those ideas, dominate the bottom line, and enjoy a golden shower of success once you have penetrated the market.

These amazing business tips were brought to you by “This is a joke, why so serious?” Till next time… xoxo

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