I hail from a small third-world country on the southern tip of Africa. We have a very “colorful” national anthem that is sung in a gazillion different languages. Most South Africans sing it with pride, even without having any idea of what the words actually mean. Here’s a “beautiful” English interpretation of what’s being sung, which was posted before we hosted the FIFA World Cup. I can’t believe I’m only discovering this now (thanks mom, for sending this to me).

I present to you; An Idiots guide to Singing the South African National Anthem – A handy instructional video for those who struggle with the South African anthem….

LOL, right? You’re welcome.

Deep Fried Man and Gareth Woods are both award-winning South African comedians. You can find Deep Fried Man on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/deeplyfried. You can find Gareth Woods on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TheGarethWoods. Gareth’s Twitter is @GarethWoods84 and Deep’s is @DeepFriedMan.

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