What the fuck is a Super Bowl? Is that what you call it when a stoner prepares a really big bowl of weed? “Like whoah man, I just smoked this entire bowl man, I’m like so stoned bro.” No? Oh wait, I know — It’s when all the American people get wet in their panties for some football tournament, or something like that.

It’s also when American companies release really awesome ads for their products and services. In fact, many people watch the Super Bowl only to see the epic ads that are featured during breaks. Maybe some even watch it to perv at the players and flick their beans as the players flick the ball? I don’t know.

But in all seriousness: who actually watches the Super Bowl for the game? Do you care about the game? I don’t. Maybe I should? I don’t know. But please, bring on the awesome ads! I can’t wait to see what the creative agencies came up with this year!

[ Featured Image by Patrick Morris ]

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