I’ve been working on a new album: The Runway Collection – Music for the Catwalk, and I’m proud to announce that the first track, Fashion Music, is now available on Soundcloud, with more tracks coming soon. Have a listen…

Admit it, you can totally picture models walking down the runway to this beat, or maybe you’d enjoy it more at a party? Designers, you’re welcome to get in touch if you want to use this tune in your fashion shows.

This is most likely not the final edit of Fashion Music. The more I replay it; the more changes I want to make. This is probably why it takes me so fucking long to release anything, because I always want to change things.

Individual tracks along with the complete album will be available on iTunes Music and various other mp3 download and streaming services, world-wide. Track listing, cover art, and official release date TBA. Watch this space.

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