Nights could be the most passive part of the day a person has. Work could be so much stressful and mentally draining that you want to head straight home and drift yourself off to sleep. Nightlife for you and your workmates could be so boring especially when some paperwork and files are still left at your desk, and you are thinking about doing the same thing tomorrow morning.

This is totally not an interesting time of the day for all of you, which means that after-work hours have never been stimulating. The only thing that you will look forward to after is to lay in your bed. However, Little Red Pocket will change your mind that hours after work should always bring you home. For them, you can always relax and be yourself again, that there is a place aside from your office and at home.

Little Red Pocket is open during Tuesday to Saturday nights, ready to chill you up for the next day’s work. At the same time, each night at Little Red Pocket is a different night that will surely have you looking forward for another night of events, food and drinks.

If you are the type who wants to unwind with South American music, Latin Lover Tuesday nights at Little Red Pocket is the night for you. Ranging from Zouk, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, Little Red Pocket will surely bring you the best of Latin music every week. During Tuesday nights, they also offer a dance class at 7PM for a $15 entry with complimentary drink.

Little Red Pocket bring you and your workmates fun-filled activities during Kanpai Trivia Wednesdays. Activities from testing your brains to physical challenges and group games will get you and your team involved. Of course, these activities come with fun awards. In addition, Wednesdays offers free entry, and your team should be pre-registered.

Live raw performances are hosted by Russ and Reubs during Thursdays. Experience live music from talented performers, artists and musicians from all over Melbourne from 5:30PM to 7:30PM, while an open mic will be from 7:30PM to 1AM. Even book your birthday here! We have many packages to choose from.

At Little Red Pocket, your night is always interesting. This cocktail bar brings that best out of it to bring you the nights that you have never experienced. When you spend your after-work hours at Little Red Pocket with your friends and workmates, the experience will keep all of you talking about it the next day.

[ Article by Andrew Hiew on behalf of Little Red Pocket ]

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