Hi guys, I’ve produced a new tune for yah. Some of you might have already heard it when I shared it across my social media channels earlier this week, but if you haven’t; here it is for your weekend butt-shake shenanigans.

I’m not quite sure what genre to define this as: It is part electro house, part minimal, with a touch of techno, and some dub baselines. It falls under the broad “EDM” spectrum but to be more specific; it’s probably TechStep, or something like that.

It’s unmastered, so it sounds better with headphones or on a bass-boosting sound system. Have a listen and let me know what you think…

Please consider this an unfinished preview track. Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when the official release becomes available. More tunes are coming soon, so watch this space!

Thanks for reading/listening. Till next time ~ much love! xoxo

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