Who the fuck spends five days watching Weeds season one through eight, non stop, back to back, all day, every day, getting emotionally attached to Silas and Shane, and developing a mental craving and addiction to sweet Mary jane, even though “she” hasn’t been around for a while? Me… I do.

I know; It sounds crazy, and Weeds is not exactly a new show. But guess what? I have no life, and I’ve never watched it. And now that Netflix is officially available in South Africa; I can legally stream all the shows I’ve always wanted to watch. Netflix is a drug, and I’m on a binge. Fuck moderation. Fuck balance. Fuck everything. I’m watching Weeds back-to-back till I have no more episodes left to watch.

Besides, I live in a small, dead-end village. Nobody is here who has any place better they can be. This is pretty much the end of the road. This is where dreams come to die. Nothing exciting or worthwhile ever happens here. It’s pretty much just a place to exist, veg out, and watch TV series. Give me more Weeds episodes! And give me some fucking weed!

Oh, Oops. I probably shouldn’t be joking or blogging about a perfectly harmless, natural, and healthy plant, or a tv show related to said plant, in a country where said plant is still illegal, but whatever. I’m way beyond worrying or even caring about what should or shouldn’t be said or done according to what is expected or accepted by general society. I’m different. I do things differently. I’m weird. I live by my own rules. I’m obsessively passionate about everything I enjoy, and right now I enjoy weed, and Weeds on Netflix.

Now, if only I had someone to invite over for Netflix and Chill, my life would at least be somewhat interesting right now. And by someone, I mean someone attractive, not these fat, baby-dicked conservacunts from this village.

I should probably start selling my butthole as a means to get the fuck out of this dead-end village. But right now, if you’ll excuse me; I have to get back to Netflix. So much for being productive… Ha! If you need me to do something productive for you… Well, I’m sure you know where to reach me. So, fill my inbox with work, or I’ll continue to fill my Netflix list with Weeds episodes, and I’ll continue to fill my happy time towel with creamy love juice every time I see sexy Silas on screen. His little bro looks fucking yummy, too (after season 6, anyway). *fap*fap*fap*

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