I’ve recently discovered the “most” helpful How To video guide channel on the internet.

Introducing HowToBasic; a channel where you can learn how to basically do many things that you may never have been properly taught. Personally, after watching these videos, I learnt a great deal, and I am now able to properly do three very important things: I now know how to masturbate, how to have sex, and how to be gay. Turns out I’ve been doing these things all wrong my entire life. That’s all about to change.

You can learn how to do these things, too…

How To Videos: Learn how to masturbate, have sex, and be gay

Helpful, isn’t it? There are many other great How To videos like these available on the HowToBasic channel. Subscribe today!

[ Featured Image & Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/HowToBasic ]

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