The hotel heiress has recently launched her much anticipated handbag collection across the middle east. I find it strange that she does not have any shops in the US but I guess that she’s working on that, or there is no market for Paris Hilton bags since the competition is so fierce. You’ve got Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and many others.  I must admit that Paris’ bags are really cute, so cute in fact that I miss carrying my things around in a handbag. Yes, I was “that gay” – I’ve still got three or four handbags around here somewhere and my mother borrows them from time to time because they are much more classy than hers.  I sometimes miss strutting around town in really cute outfits with a stylish handbag, those were the days, nowadays I’ve become more “straight-acting” to try and avoid the gay stereotype. Before I go entirely off-topic here, I want to share with you the video clip showcasing some of the Paris Hilton Handbag collection by none other then miss Paris herself.

I think they are absolutely stunning! Definitely a great reflection of Paris’ style and elegance. What do you think?

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