Quick, grab some cake and candy because it’s time for a celebration! I am proud to announce that DAVIDVENTER.NET has crossed over into its second year on the web. Even though I have been blogging since 2005, this very site has only been live on the world wide web since March 21, 2010. – Just in case you’re wondering: Yes, this did slip my mind which is why I am only posting about this 4 days later than on the actual creation date.

Since the launch of DAVIDVENTER.NET, I have posted 471 articles and received 247 comments. – I would like to take this opportunity to look back at a few highlights from the last 12 months:

  • In March of 2010 I adopted a new puppy.
  • I also shared my American dream in March.
  • In April of 2010 I joined DailyBooth.
  • In August of 2010 I shared a very important article.
  • In January of 2011 I thanked YOU for your support.
  • I also had a fun photo session in January.
  • In February of 2011 I covered New York Fashion Week.
  • And most recently I took up a new hobby.

Looking back at it now I find it sad that there were so few highlights, to be honest. Last year was not the best of years and I even blogged about it being a shitty year when I posted the “Reaching The End of 2010 – Good Riddance” article. – I trust that 2011 and the next 12 months of DAVIDVENTER.NET will be filled with great success. And come this time next year I will hopefully be able to share many more highlights that are going to be a million times more exciting than the ones above.

Thanks again for all your support! – Happy Birthday Me!! Yay o/ Let’s party like a one year old. GooGoo xxx – On second thought, let’s not! Bring on the booze, the tunes and the dirty words! FUCK YEAH!!!

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