I’m often asked; “Why the fashion obsession?”, especially from those who do not necessarily see the beauty in fashion.

Fashion to me is the greatest art; a form of beauty, individualism and self-expression. Fashion gives the ability to uniquely express ourselves through the artwork of others. Wearing a designer garment is like wearing a painting from a famous artist although, with fashion you get to combine the artwork of different artists on one canvas (yourself) through which you express your own beauty and creativity.

Do you enjoy looking at a beautiful painting? Then why not enjoy looking at a beautiful garment?

Fashion is art! Wearing fashion and being creative in what you put on your body is showing your appreciation of art and beauty.

Fashion on a person is a living, moving, breathing painting, and you live your life in it. Fashion is art. Art is beauty. Beauty is life’s expression. What fashion means to me, is life.

What does fashion mean to you?

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