“This is a value Giorgio Armani has always held on to with determination and consistency.”

“To this end, this season’s Giorgio Armani collection for men reinterprets the classic patterns of men’s fabrics with a touch of irony, emphasising volume, for example tweed, in a range of dolomite-inspired colours, like incredibly light blues and cyan blues, with dots of rust red and oxidized brown.”

“This ‘dolomite’ look is also expressed in the hermetically-sealed zippers on the shirts and matching waistcoats, their minimalism giving a simple, clean cut appearance.”

“It is a look that reappears in the velvet and wide-ribbed corduroy trousers, as well as in the cashmere sweaters that feature prints on light backgrounds for a strong, pleasing contrast.”

“The iconic double-breasted coat is in knitted wool. The fitted, shorter jackets with deconstructed shoulders are matched with 4-dart pants.
The collection demonstrates the new Armani silhouette, featuring stretch fabrics throughout, emphasising the concept of elasticity and comfort.”

[ Source: Armani.com ]

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