“ZZegna style is redefined with the arrival of Paul Surridge. With a contemporary and focused vision, the designer has developed a portrait in which many will identify themselves as it captures the brave and determined spirit of many young men, ready to affirm themselves in a complex, connected, always evolving reality.”

“Surridge is like a contemporary photographer, whose lens progressively focuses on his protagonists to create intriguing variations. A subtle and savvy work that capitalizes on the brand’s vast textile and tailoring tradition to create apparel with a rigorous and essential practicality, able to express status with flashes of technological eccentricity.”

“The main colors are simple, consistent with a collection that is designed to last:
navy blue, charcoal, ebony, khaki, burgundy. Within these deep tones explode brilliant graphic effects of electric blue, sapphire, red-orange, and emerald, often highlighted by a lively play on contrasts.”

“The choice of fabrics, patterns and construction of the garments creates a strong masculine silhouette with softly tailored jackets with precise shoulders that elongate the silhouette and slim pants. The focus is on the upper torso – as a true portrait requires – to frame and emphasize the face. The waistline inches up and the lapels of the jackets with up to 4 buttons become more important, as do the narrow-cut double-breasted jackets inspired by the 20’s. It’s a smart classic, electrified by unexpected elements – nylon hoods, inserts in techno jersey and 3D mesh — in exclusive fabrics such as tweeds, lambs-wool, stretch wool and exceptionally full-bodied mohair. Linear coats with a military touch and large internal pockets — fundamental for today’s must-have wireless devices – complete the formal attire.”

“The need for integrity that underpins the entire collection gains an even stronger appeal in the outerwear. The garments are iconic: coats, car coats, raincoats, parkas, decidedly innovated with intersecting technological materials and accents in rubber and copper. Sturdy fabrics and leathers combined with clean cuts deliver garments with protective volumes, suitable to face today’s fast paced urban lifestyle.”

“Accessories are essential for the new ZZegna man, almost tools of the trade to make life easier, day by day in constant evolution. He chooses shoes with a design that combines elegance and comfort — the thick-soled derby with 3D mesh lining, or the ankle boot with rainproof zipper. He appreciates the set of bags that are extremely practical, such as hold-all bags in coated materials featuring rubber zips or for a more aggressive look, black calf calfskin with copper accents. Completing the series, iPad and computer bags are today’s indispensable travel and adventure companions for all young men in pursuit of lifelong achievements and global style.”

[ Source: zegna.com ]

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