For some men, summer fashion and the return of swimwear represents a chance to show off their enviable physique to an appreciative poolside audience – to others, it’s not so welcome a return.

Those of us who don’t have the body of an Adonis, for instance, often find it tricky to feel dignified while wearing a swimsuit. Until recently, the mens swimwear market has seemed rather polarized – either you take the chance with a tight pair of figure hugging briefs, or you risk looking childish in a pair of baggy shorts.

For many, the lack of in-between options has made shopping for appropriate swimwear a tricky task that involves wading through garish patterned shorts, constricted tight briefs and struggling to find anything that can be worn with confidence.

Thankfully, new trends in swimwear have been brought in to fill this gap in the market, with slightly shorter lengths, narrower profiles and costumes designed to avoid ‘ballooning” when entering the water.

Men’s fashion designer Durand Guion said: “Now it’s about the trunk that’s a little more forgiving. There’s enough coverage so he can feel comfortable, specifically a guy who’s older and doesn’t have six-pack abs.”

A range of new costume designs have filled the market designed to flatter figures of all shapes and sizes – not just swimsuit models. For short, stocky builds, a lengthy short that finishes just above the knee with side racing stripes makes the wearer appear more elongated.

Skinny legged beach-goers can benefit from cargo-style pockets on the suit to pad out the thin leg shape and for men with a larger mid-section, subtle colour schemes such as camouflage patterns help to distract from the stomach region, while an elastic waistband avoids cutting into the gut.

The mid-length styles available from can also be worn away from the pool with greater success than their short-length alternatives. Whereas square cut trunks and bikinis require another pair of shorts to be worn over the top when away from the pool, mid-length shorts worn with just a T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops is perfectly acceptable casual attire to be worn while picking up a bite to eat or embarking on a spot of shopping.

Take a look at the range of swimwear for men at Very to find a costume that suits your body.

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