I’ve just sat through a very interesting spreecast (online video conference) with the world’s top fashion bloggers, hosted by The Wall Street Journal. During the video conference, top fashion bloggers shared how they got started and offered advice for aspiring fashion bloggers such as myself on ‘how to make it as a fashion blogger.’ I was really excited to finally have this great opportunity to get advice from the best of the best.


My focus was on Bryanboy because we share a similar background in the sense that we both come from the third world, we’re both uber-gay, and we both used to do freelance web and graphic design before blogging became our main profession. Bryan, is of course in a whole different league and far more successful than I’ll probably ever be because he understood the secret from the very beginning: Always be yourself, speak with your own voice, be different and original – Something which I’ve been struggling with because I always over-think everything and I’m always worried about what others would think of my content from a professional point of view. I sometimes forget that this is just my personal journal. In my head I make it out to be much more complex and something it is not and in the process I kill my own voice because of it. The end result is a blog that is boring and repetitive. Not Cool.

Attending this video conference really helped me address my short-comings and made me see that the only thing holding me back from being bigger and better is me. To any other bloggers out there reading this right now; If you find yourself drooling over top-bloggers success and wondering why you’re not up there with them, I highly recommend viewing the spreecast (link above). For some, believing in themselves comes naturally, others – like myself – need nuggets of advice and inspiration from successful individuals to stay on track.

Thank you Wall Street Journal for hosting this inspiring and informative Spreecast! xoxo

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