Clothes might not make the man, but his accessories can set him apart from the crowd. Functional or purely for style, accessories are an essential part of the modern man’s wardrobe. From bracelets to belts to mobile phones, accessories can have a dramatic affect and make the most mundane outfits look fashionable.

Among the most stylish of men’s accessories are gold curb chains. These enhance the appearance of the neck and give an aura of understated class. But, of course, they can get hidden under your shirt, so you really want something that is easily seen. Watches are the perfect choice.

The watch you wear says a lot about you, or at least the way you would like others to perceive you. Take the Omega Seamaster series. These are tough but elegant watches perfect for the man of action who also wants a watch he can wear for those important formal occasions. And then there is the stylish elegance of the De Ville series, classic simplicity with a large dose of panache.


These are high-end watches, but a fine looking timepiece does not have to break the bank. Brands like Tissot, Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel all produce a fine range of watches for all occasions that are reasonably priced and that are fit to grace the wrist of any man.

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