Tommy Hilfiger’s limited-edition Surf Shack collection has given a preppy twist to the classic surfer’s look: an effortless, laid-back style combined confidently with summery hues, breezy fabrics and bold prints. From sunrise surfs to sundown clambakes, Surf Shack includes clothing and accessories that embody surf sophistication. When it comes time to hit the beach, the collection’s fresh colors, flowing lines and versatility make for effortless summertime staples for day and night.

The collection is inspired by the warm waters of Malibu, Australia’s Gold Coast and chilly Atlantic swells in Biarritz. It’s sunset drinks at the cottage, late-night beach bonfires and après-surf clambakes. Surf Shack is about vivid living. It takes the surfers’ carefree charms — deep tans, bright colors, boho attitudes — and adds a dash of preppy flair, with rumpled collars and classic lines. Fusing sophistication and surf, the collection invites you to celebrate the next wave of summer.

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