Earlier this month, I blogged about a new Kickstarter project by Kevin Dexter. If you haven’t read that article yet, please click here to do so now, then come back here to have socks with me! winknudgegrinpoke* – Done? Ok, Welcome back. Now where where we?…

Wits and Beaux Socks

My Wits + Beaux socks have finally arrived in the mail and I’m really excited to be adding some more color and life to my socks collection.

These socks are super tall, and the stretchy fabric and arch support provides a comfortable fit that definitely won’t sag down. Wearing them feels a lot different than any other brand of socks I’ve worn before. Wits + Beaux socks are airy, light, ultra comfortable, and result in “happy feet”. There is no clumping around the toes thanks to seamless stitching, and that alone makes me want to replace all the socks in my drawers with Wits + Beaux. I love these and I want more! Here are some pics from my try on…

Wits + Beaux do more than just socks. Visit www.witsandbeaux.com to see all available menswear accessories including: bow ties, belts, pocket squares and wrist watches.

Wits + Beaux Socks Giveaway

If you want to get your feet into some of these funky socks, let me know in the comment box below and I’ll run a worldwide giveaway of selected pairs from the current Socks Collection here on my blog (if I can get at least 20 comments on this page). Simply scroll down and write “I want to have socks with you” in the comments section below, then share this post with your friends and get them to comment as well. All comments submitted here will receive automatic entry into the giveaway if/when it goes live. So, comment below, share this, and then watch this space and follow me on twitter for giveaway notifications.

P.S. Just in case you were wondering; I will not be giving away these pairs I’m wearing, they’re mine for keeps. You’ll be receiving brand new pairs directly from Wits + Beaux.

[ Article and giveaway brought to you by Wits + Beaux and BrandBacker ]



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