When it comes to jeans for men, we have plenty of options these days. The evolution the male blue jean has been through over the last few decades means there’s more than one on-trend saturation, colour and cut each season. Washes and treatments give each pair a different look, and make them appropriate (or not appropriate) for certain events and venues.

Although there is a lot more leeway in the elements of denim for guys, allowing us to express our personal style accordingly, there is one area that needs to always be taken seriously: FIT.

1.       Waistline

The only thing worse than muffin top on a chick is muffin top on a dude. Your jeans should fit with an effortless “hang” to them. Now, I hesitate in using this word as the majority of guys out there are wearing jeans that are a size or two too large for them. The key to fit is ensuring the waist is snug when you first put them on. Denim is bound to give as you wear it because it’s comprised of cotton; many brands are mixing in a few other components like polyester blends or spandex to help maintain fit, but even these styles will stretch out as the day drags on.

2.       Ass

Along with ensuring your waistline isn’t gapping, you’ll want to check you’ve found a pair that properly fit the upper half of your ass. Again, we are treading a fine line: you want to make sure you don’t have material bagging at the sides of your hips, or on the top “shelf” of your posterior, but I beg you not to let this tight fit go lower than mid-cheek. Yes, a girl looks damn fine when you can see the crease where apple-bottom meets upper-thigh… but let’s leave that to the ladies, shall we?

3.       Cut (size of the knee and ankle openings)

Now, this is an area men do have a little more choice, BUT (and that’s a strong BUT) make sure you’re dressing for your body type: there’s a reason they make different levels of relaxed denim and it’s because what is a slim fit on a rugby player is probably more in the realm of straight or relaxed fit, whereas a more slender guy will be able to try different fits. All guys take note: jeans should still be tailored down the outside of your thighs. This doesn’t mean tight and fitted – just lying flat. Narrowing out your hips and thighs (yes, guys need to worry about that, too) will broaden your shoulders and give you a taller, tighter silhouette.

4.       Hem

For the love of God… make sure your jeans are the right length. Sloppy, dragging jeans with a frayed bottom are for teenage boys who smell of cannabis and drugstore body spray. When you’re wearing shoes the jean should just graze the ground behind your heel. Another option – and we can thank mom for this in our formative years – a cuffed indigo jean can look pretty damn cool.

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