London based designer menswear fashion brand Dogs Love Diamonds launched their line of graphic t-shirts in the summer of 2013. In the short time since their launch their shirts have been gracing the bodies of fashion forward men and have had sweeping success in the United Kingdom and United states.

“While dogs on men’s t-shirts may not sound particularly fashion forward, think less “man’s best friend” and more “eye catching focal point.” Men get the comfort of a t-shirt, with the personality and style afforded by our unique graphic designs.” Dogs Love Diamonds Owner Chris Morgan

Dogs Love Diamonds

Dogs Love Diamonds draws their inspiration from the infamous Lower East Side in New York, and the eclectic styles of Shoreditch, London. Their line features dogs of many breeds often decked out in a fashion accessory of their own—and the infamous “Dogs Love Diamonds” tagline.

“Men like to keep things simple. They want their look put together without expending too much effort. Our t-shirts give fashion forward men a high quality garment that can be worn solo or layered as a year round wardrobe staple. You can easily have a closet full of our t-shirts and no one would be the wiser because no two look the same.” Owner Chris Morgan

All of Dogs Love Diamonds fashion forward t-shirts are available in traditional Small, Medium, and Large. Orders can be placed directly from their website and ship worldwide to arrive within 5-7 days.

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