Working in the Fashion Industry for the last 14 years, I have seen some amazing  clothes, stunning pieces that can be called works of art, and wearable clothes that fit like a glove and make the wearer ‘feel’ amazing.

That’s why fashion is so important, good clothes improve the mental and psychological state of the wearer.  When clothes fit well and are beautifully tailored,  we feels sexy, special and unique.

Fit and Tailoring are particularly important in mens formal wear.  Sartorial excellence is highly sought after in the mens suit and shirting market,  think of Saville Row where top-notch craftsmanship is available, at a price.

I was highly intrigued when I stumbled across a number of banners offering high qualiy, made to measure suits and shirts, ‘online’.  Was it possible to create made to measure suits without a series of fittings purely based on measurements?

I decided to give Itailor a try. Knowing that I was extremely fussy about fit, stitching and quality, I knew itailor would have a very hard time meeting my standards.  I have had countless couture clothes made in the past, and have sent many back due to uneven stitiching and bad fit.

I emailed Itailor, and received a reply from one account executives who was amazing.  Ordering is actually fun,  and allows you to release the fashion designer in you. Suits and shirts can by customised using a variety of fabrics in different colours.   The site is great to use but does require time and a little concentration.

The site allows you to visually see the designs you are creating which means even a novice can use it.

After your outfit is designed, you have to enter a series of measurements.  It’s extremely important to be very accurate with measurements and they feature a helpful video to give you directions and tips on measurement.  Use a soft measuring tape, not the ones used for DIY, to get best results.

Buying clothes online can be a frighting experience at the best of times, but buying made to measure suits online, can be nerve racking so I was anxious to see the finished product.


The Suit and Shirt arrived a few weeks later, beautifully packaged by DHL.  Upon opening, I was pleasantly surprised by the impeccable quality of the fabrics and stitching, the suits looked great and made me feel good.

It’s important to make sure the fit is correct, the measurements accurate, and to only design suits that you will actually wear.  It’s easy to get carried away with the variety of colours available, but navy, black and grey will get a lot of wear in a well-dressed man’s wardrobe.   If you decide to get a black and grey suit made, you can wear the jackets with jeans and increase the outfit options.

Its surprising to say, but you can buy amazing made to measure suits and shirts online at a affordable price.  Itailor proved that they can satisfy even the fussiest clients, with great service and amazing tailoring.


Zac:  www.zacfashion.com

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