Nacho, cucumber, string bean, tomato, Pear. You can be forgiven for thinking this is a new recipe for a new health drink. Instead these are some of the seven terms used to describe mens body shapes following an in depth study by a leading menswear retailer Jacamo.  The poll concluded that in contrary to the believed three shapes; skinny, broad and rounded, there are in fact seven district categories; nacho, cucumber, string bean, tomato, pear, snowman and brick.

Almost half of the men surveyed were found to have a PEAR shaped body, these 49% are described as having a little extra weight around the tummy area. A good example would be Micheal McIntyre physique. On the flip side of this the three most sought after body shapes only managed 40% combined. The best of which is the Andrew Flintoff well balanced cucumber shape managing 15% followed by the Robbie Williams BRICK shape at 9.7% and the inverted triangle NACHO shown here by Tom Daley at 5.3%.

The last 11% of men shared the last two categories equally, with men either being tall and thin like Bradley Wiggins nicknamed the STRING BEANs or SNOWMEN like Robbie Coltrane with a rounded chest and stomach.


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The poll also went on to conclude that a staggering 72% of those surveyed hated their body shape and physical appearance with over half admitting they really wanted to do something to change it.

Following the release of the findings, Professor Brendan Gough, men’s health and body image psychologist at Leeds Metropolitan University was interview by the Daily Mail and concluded the finding were in line with his own studies, saying

“We now live in a world where appearance is very important for guys – in work, relationships and wellbeing. We are surrounded by media images of lean, muscular male bodies, and now as a result, men care more about how they look,” he said.

[ Source:   Photo Credit: Rob Corbett ]

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