I’m fortunate to be quite tall, 6’2” in fact. Sometimes I even feel too tall and I find myself wishing that I was just a little shorter, but in all honesty, I love my height! I’m perfect for the runway. Maybe I should be strutting my stuff on the catwalk instead of simply writing about fashion for you guys. But you’d miss me too much if I stopped blogging, right? Of course you would.

My height is great, but for those of you fine gentlemen who are somewhat vertically challenged and looking for a way to increase your height without going to the extreme (stilettos anyone?) there is actually a stylish solution to adding a couple of inches to your frame…

Shoemakers from Spain have perfected an elegant way to make men look taller. Woman wear stilettos to increase their height. Sure, there are even some men who love wearing stilettos, but the part of the male population who do not want to buy into the feminine style needed a more subtle approach. Soy Alto designs mens elevator shoes to look stylish and traditional on the outside, but with a raised platform on the inside to give men extra height. This way, men can look 2-3 inches taller while wearing seemingly normal shoes.

Soy Alto height-increasing shoes have been a wonderful success ever since their initial launch in 2009. They have reportedly received a great audience in the market, and are known for delivering quality. They have a large collection of raised-platform shoes to choose from that include many different colors, designs, styles, and textures. From casual and formal shoes to boots and sneakers, their collection offers great variety for all trends and tastes. They have also just released an entirely new Autumn/Winter Collection (2014-2015).

Thanks to Soy Alto elevator shoes, there’s no need to complain about your height (or lack thereof) any longer. Don’t like stiletto heels? Get yourself a pair of elegant height-increasing elevator shoes in a more traditional style, and look normal while increasing your height. Happy shoe-shopping shorties!

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