Shoes are awesome! They’re both functional and fashionable; enabling greater self-expression of individual style while protecting our feet at the same time. But many of us don’t ever stop to think about the details of how modern-day shoes came to be.

Here are three things that you probably didn’t know about shoes…

1. Shoe Antiquity

Shoes are older than what some people think the earth is. The earliest known shoes are sandals made of twine that date back to approximately 7,000 or 8,000 BCE. However, it is believed that shoes were invented long before then out of a need for protection from the elements. Unfortunately, we’ll never truly know the exact date that shoes were first invented due to the fact that the first shoes were made from bio-degradable materials.

2. Shoe Size Conversion

Standard shoe sizing was first established in 1325, when King Edward II of England declared that the diameter of one barley corn would represent one full shoe size. Similar sizing is still being used today, however, the numbers vary by region due to different systems of measurement. Shopping for new shoes can be fun, but when shopping from foreign countries, you should always consult a shoe size conversion chart before making your final purchase.

3. Shoes as Status Symbols

Those sexy red soles that are prominent in current high-end fashion labels aren’t just coincidence. In ancient Egypt; the color red was reserved exclusively for high society, while slaves and commoners were only allowed to walk barefoot or wear undyed palm leave and papyrus sandals. The romans also wore different shoe styles as symbols of status in society. Even today, many still regard shoes as status symbols.

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