A stag do party is the last bachelor event that a groom can have. Aside from casual drinking and clubbing, men have developed several ways to make it more fun and exciting. One of which is the wearing of stag do costumes. The choice of costumes usually depends on the theme of the party. And if you don’t have an idea yet, here are some of the most recommended ideas:

  1. Dress as women or drag queens

    If you want an exciting night out, challenge the groom or everyone invited in the party to dress up as women or drag queens. It’s more challenging if you go to night clubs and party streets wearing those sexy costumes and makeup. This is perhaps the easiest option because you no longer need to create highly detailed costumes and to improvise. Just buy or borrow sexy outfits and lingerie and you’re done. Don’t forget the wig and of course the camera to capture a memory of your group’s craziness.

  2. Wear a Onesie or dress as babies

    Another good stag do costume idea is to wear a onesie or dress as a baby. Imagine big, fat, and fully grown adults dress like babies, it will certainly be hilarious. This theme is popular because babies will usually come next to his priorities after the groom’s wedding. It’s also easy to prepare this costume. Adult jumpsuits which look closely to those of babies can be transformed with extra tweaks like adding a hoodie, necktie, etc. Be creative and use plus size baby accessories like adult diapers, mittens, bibs, and a pacifier or feeding bottle.

  3. Dress as superheroes

    If budget is not a concern, you can choose to dress like your favorite superhero. It’s a popular theme that will certainly catch everyone’s attention. When you have a pretty large group, you can mimic the Justice League or perhaps the X-Men. There are always superhero costumes available for adults but not as many as those of children. Thus, it might require you to have them custom-made. It would also be fun if you add few funny tweaks on your costumes like superman on a t-back, oversized batman, poor Spiderman costume, etc.

  4. Wear morph suits

    The morph suit also has its own share of popularity when it comes to stag do costumes. The good thing about this option is that there are countless types of suits available. Have fun and play with it by acting invisible. But since morph suits can provide the wearers undue advantage over bar staff and almost all people especially during the night, you or your group might not receive a warm welcome in certain areas or clubs.

  5. Where’s Wally costume

    If you want a better alternative to the morph suit, try the Where’s Wally costume idea that Redstarfancydress offers. It’s pretty simple; The entire group should be dressed in the same manner and only the groom can dress distinctively to be highlighted and get everyone’s attention. This is also a cheaper alternative because ordinary types of clothes and accessories can be used by the entire group.

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