It’s that time of year again; Americans and wanna-be Americans (moi) are about to celebrate Thanksgiving. Then right after showing gratitude for what we have, we trample old ladies in the street to get more of what we don’t really need, because… SALE!!!!. Isn’t Black Friday awesome?! But you know, le old lady trampling can be avoided if we do all our post-Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping on the Internets.

Thus, over the next few days I will bring you some really awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from my affiliates, partners and sponsors, most of which ship internationally. So, you can benefit from these great offers even if you’re not in America. Thanksgiving is a great holiday and showing gratitude is important, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little more, is there? No! So, bookmark this page, follow me on twitter, and subscribe to my mailing list for some awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals coming your way SOON! Watch this space.

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