I was browsing around the internets again this morning, looking for cute things to waste money on. It seems the friendly mouth-less pussy who likes saying hello to everyone, even though she can’t, because she doesn’t have a mouth to actually say hello, is making her way onto music heads. Yes, if you like listening to music, you can put Hello Kitty on your head without looking like a total dork. Awesome, am I right? Check it out…

Hello Kitty Beats by Dre

These special edition headphones aren’t actually available yet, and they will retail for about $249. If you really want them, you’ll have to scour the internets or keep your eyes fixated on the Beats by Dre website so that you can put a pussy on your head as soon as it becomes available. Who wouldn’t want Hello Kitty headphones?!

I think that maybe I’m slightly gayer than I realize, because I always blog about special edition Hello Kitty wearables. The limited edition Hello Kitty Vans were pretty sweet! I don’t actually own any Hello Kitty merchandise though, and I doubt that I’ll end up spending over two hundred dollars on these headphones, but they’re fun to look at anyway. Maybe if you’re a big enough fan of the pussy, you can drop the $249 when the headphones become available, and then you can look all cute and stuff while you’re listening to your favorite Marilyn Manson or System of a Down tunes through your Hello Kitty headphones.

And whatever you do; don’t forget to Instagram your headphone selfies, because we all know that Hello Kitty will kill you in your sleep if you don’t make her the star attraction of your digital life. Go Pussy!

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