I’ve never played Minecraft, but this awesome creeper hoodie kinda makes me want to. Or maybe I just want the hoodie because it looks really sweet, regardless of what gaming community it’s made for. Check it out…

Minecraft Hoodie


The Creeper, a looming threat to miners everywhere. Maybe you’re off building a scale replica of the J!NX Fortress when all of a sudden, you hear that click and hiss we all know too well. Do you have time to turn and repel the beast? Do you have what it takes? Only one way to find out. Now you can put friends and family through the fun of making the same decision when you sidle up unexpectedly in this full-zip-front Creeper hoodie. Hissing noises and explosions to be generated by wearer.” – via J!NX

Uhm… Ok then? LOL. But yeah… Totally cool Minecraft hoodie! I’m not so sure about the hissing and the explosions, unless you’re into all that? I’m just obsessed with the fabric pattern and the neat hoodie design. Wait, who am I kidding… Of course I’m into being a creeper; hissing and explosions included. Though, I’d prefer moaning rather than hissing and I’ll totally swallow the explosion. Wait, what? I’m talking about when you open a soda can too fast, you perverts! Mind out the gutter, please! There will be none of that dirty talk on here! xoxo

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