I couldn’t stop thinking about shoes today. More specifically, running shoes, because I’ve been getting into the whole jogging thing lately. I browsed some of my favorite online stores and came across this beauty…

Meet the Verado; an elegant sneaker from the original lifestyle footwear brand, Creative Recreation. The marriage of sport and fashion is amalgamated into this stylish running shoe. Finely crafted materials come together atop a debonair sole. The premium leather back gives the impression of class and style, while the breathable woven nylon front inoculates a sporty mien. Running shoes for men never looked this good.

Running Shoes for MenRunning Shoes for Men

Available in both Forest Green and Black Red; the Verado sneaker pairs beautifully with casual or athletic attire, and a traditional lightweight runner sole provides exceptional comfort throughout the day. The Verado is an easy pick for almost any occasion, day or night. Personally, I’m having trouble deciding which style is more beautiful. I actually want them both. There’s no such thing as “too many pairs of shoes” now, it there? I think not.

Before this article becomes an uncanny text-based rendition of OMG SHOES; let me continue using big words to explain this awesome footwear. Besides, that was so 2007. Nowadays; it’s all about editorial sophistication. I’m actually really getting into this. Who knew that one could delineate such fine words about what we put on our feet. You can expect to see a lot more of this on here. Now, where were we…

The Verado Sneaker is a distinguished culmination of chic sporting. In traditional runner style, the gum-rubber outsole wraps around the toe-tip, with a thin EVA midsole reaching back from the toe-tip to become a thicker two-tone EVA midsole under the heel area. A classic chukka boot style leather and suede mid-top sneaker back, is fused through quality sticking, with a breathable heavy-woven nylon sneaker front.

Details include printed logo’s on tongue-tops, quality laces, and either a pigskin inner-lining for the Forrest Green Verado, or a mesh inner-lining for the Black Red Verado.

The unique silhouette of these premium running shoes for men will help you stand out in the city. SHOP NOW!

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