The vital young fashion designer with a keen sense of style, has left us all wondering… Who is the man behind the brand? Mahiri’s complex ideas of fashion and motivation caught us a crowd by surprise as he explained the reason behind his brand during his New York Fashion Week Show.

Mahiri’s clothing line is clean, detailed, minimal, well-designed, and highly sought after. Since the designer only exclusively sales his products it has become quite the hot commodity.

So here’s what we know; Mahiri worked as a model in NYC after learning the agency he was signing with had taken he and his mother’s money. Resourceful Mahiri decided he was going to take matters into his own hands. There he meet a high profile celebrity whom he worked with for years. Creating relationships and longterm contacts, all while working as a barista, book store clerk, and security guard and did I mention HOMELESS!

Mahiri’s story is a true hero’s tail. This also explains his humility and thoughtful nature for others. Mahiri Takai sir we applaud you for making your dream a reality! Congratulations on the success of your amazing line.

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