Time is money, and many companies are losing a great deal due to the constant load shedding that’s been taking place for the past few weeks.

This is absolutely pathetic and unacceptable, but what are we to do? Eskom now wants us to conserve electricity by cutting down usage and switching off any unnecessary electronics such as geysers, air conditioning systems, ovens, etc..

I’m sorry but from my perspective a relaxing hour in a hot jacuzzi after a hard days work is necessary, and do I now have to stop cooking with the oven and take quick mini showers every morning? And do I have to switch off the air conditioner and boil to death during the day? – What does Eskom want us to do? Move into a shack and live like those in poverty, maybe? Then we’ll at least get FREE electricity.

Why is it that we, who pay for every bit of electricity that we use have to be cut off? Why does Eskom not produce enough power?!?!

Apparently the black-outs are to continue till tomorrow, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Businesses are losing thousands if not millions due to not being able to perform certain operations during black-outs. Not only that, but traffic is INSANE – Can you imagine driving in peak hour Jo’burg traffic with not a single traffic light working between Sandton and Fourways? Enough to drive anyone mad!

Let’s hope that this will all be sorted out very soon!

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