Now I am pretty sure that many of you are aware of the 419 email scams that have been circulating the web for the past year or so, but then again some people might get really excited if they receive an email stating that they have won in some or other email lottery program.

Unfortunately for those who do not already know… THIS IS A BIG SCAM.

Criminals send out such emails claiming to be from a valid financial institution and even providing fake bank letters of surety containing the logo of the European Central Bank (ECB) and fake signatures of financial representatives. – These emails and letter state that you have won millions of dollars or euros but in order for the funds to be wired to your account you need to play for a Clean Source of Funds Certificate.

Let me break it down for you…

01) You receive an email congratulating you on your winnings

02) You are asked to provide personal information such as physical address and contact details for so called ‘verification’

03) Once they have these details you receive a lovely confirmation of approval for release of funds email message.

04) Next you will receive a message stating that your money has been put in a secure account at the European Central Bank (ECB), or whichever central bank it is that the lottery winnings originated from.

05) These criminals will go as far as setting up a website that looks very much like a professional banking site, but if you are a web guru then you will easily be able to tell that it is all B.S.

06) Finally you are told that in order to release the funds you have to request a Clean Source of Funds Certificate which could cost you anything between 500 and 5000 USD or EUR in order for you to claim your millions, then they provide you with a personal account banking details claiming that this is your security officer that will request the certificate on your behalf.

Now, fortunately for those who actually think that they are in luck, there is a website that you can use to detect spam and scam lottery emails to see if they are fake or legit. Click here to view the website.

If you ever receive such an email do not even consider responding, if however you did respond then I suggest you contact forward all the emails to the central bank and police authorities from whichever country the so called lottery was generated.

Remember that in any legit and legal lottery, you cannot win unless you purchased a ticket, and if you win a lottery you will never be asked to pay any fees for clearance or release of any funds!

If you do receive a Fake Lottery Scam email (Also known as 419 Scam) DO NOT RESPOND TO IT – But also don’t just leave or delete it. Forward it to your local police department, and central bank, as well as to the central bank and authorities of the country which the email originated from.

It is also useful to submit the email to sites like to make sure that these criminals are stopped or recognized before they scam more people our of millions of dollars.

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