The Swiss multinational Nestle is buying milk from a farm seized from its legal owners and now owned by the wife of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe. This is a tragic example of profit being placed above people – millions of Zimbabweans are suffering while Mugabe lives in luxury and Nestle continues to milk the dying country…

This has caused quite a stir and Nestle recently responded to the press regarding the situation. If you’re on FaceBook, click here to view the discussion on the ‘Say NO to Nestle’ Group.

You can also read more about this from various trusted news sources such as BBC and the Telegraph.

Even though Nestle will stop buying milk from these farms this fight is still not over. I have taken some comments from the discussion board on the “Say NO to Nestle” Facebook group that I think is very true, and very important. For safety reasons I have not included the name of the people who left these comments, but you can see for yourself by clicking here.

Dear Nestle,

Your effort to justify the fact that you had been profiting from the suffering of Zimbabwe’s people, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Creating the impression that you had been buying Grace Mugabe’s milk as a result of your long-term commitment to the country, is despicable and should be rejected outright. You were fully aware of the fact that the international community implemented sanctions against Mugabe for legitimate reasons, but you nevertheless continued to trade not only with the country, but with Robert Mugabe’s wife who has illegally claimed land developed and paid for by its rightful owners.

While I therefore appreciate the fact that you will no longer deal with Mugabe, I seriously doubt your motives for this sudden change of heart, now that your dealings had been exposed. If you REALLY understand the damage you have done and if you REALLY regret it, prove it to the world’s consumers by donating the profit you made from Grace’s milk to the suffering people of Zimbabwe …

I totally agree!!! They owe the people of Zimbabwe big time!!!! They have clearly been profiting for ages!!!! Lets all stand together and carry on spreading the word….. I have been writing to every media outlet I can……
I definately recon they are running scared but have clearly been adviced by there legal team to make no apology because of all the reprocusions that can cause!!!
I will only stop once they give back all the millions of Euros they received in profit back to the people (the needy people) of Zimbabwe!!!!

What do you think? Will you continue to buy Nestle products?


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