By now you should be well aware with the fact that google changes their home page logo (or Google Doodle) as they call it from time to time in conjunction with relevant events, traditions or even in remembrance of important people. Today they are celebrating the birthday of a dead man.

Happy 164th birthday to American inventor, scientist and businessman Thomas Edison. – He died back in 1931. Sure he was a great man whom developed devices such as the motion picture camera, not to mention the long-lasting practical electric light bulb. But surely we can celebrate his achievements instead of labeling this day as his 164th birthday? Personally I think that it’s moronic to call this his birthday – he is NOT 164 years old, he died when he was 84, in fact.

I think that google should have put ‘Celebrating the achievements of Thomas Edison’ or ‘Thomas Edison was born this day, 1847’ instead of putting ‘Thomas Edison’s 164th birthday.’

Makes no sense to me. *SMDH*

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