You may have already heard of The Venus Project which presents a bold new direction for humanity, totally redesigning our culture. If you are still unaware of this project, click here to visit The Venus Project website for further details.

The Zeitgeist Movement is an arm of The Venus Project – The following basic observations have been taken directly from The Zeitgeist Movement website:

In the view of The Movement, the world today has become very detached from the physical world, with techniques of production and distribution that have no relationship to the environment. Our use of a profit based, “growth” driven monetary system has become one of the greatest destroyers of the natural world, not to mention sustainable human values. It is important to understand that the entire global economy requires “cyclical consumption” to operate, which means that money must constantly be circulating. Thus, new goods and services must be constantly introduced regardless of the state of the environment and actual human necessity. This “perpetual” approach has a fatal flaw, for resources as we know it are simply not infinite. Resources are finite and the Earth is essentially a closed system.
The true goal of any economy is to preserve – or “economize” – this is not occurring and cannot occur in a monetary driven system where labor for income requires consumer demand. We actually live in a global “anti-economy” by all rational standards. –
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The Zeitgeist Movement has released three films. I would like to introduce you to these films – PLEASE take some time out of your schedule to watch these films (if you have not already seen them). It all starts with The Movie, released in 2007 as a huge awakening to what we think we know today in terms of religion, government, war, terrorism, power, etc. If you haven’t already seen The Movie then you are in for a serious rude awakening. Watch the full movie here below:

You can download the companion source guide > here (.PDF) < for free. – I’m not going to overwhelm you by posting the other two films right away. First have a look at The Movie, let it sink in, share your thoughts below and after a week or so I’ll update with information and online streaming of the other two films. – WATCH THIS SPACE 🙂

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