I’ve been getting rather annoyed over the past few days with everyone frantically bitching and fussing about the ‘Ophiuchus’ zodiac sign and how many people apparently now find themselves with a different zodiac sign than that which they have lived with all their life. If this were relevant to western astrology this would mean that I am no longer Cancer, instead I would now be a Gemini. I love being Cancer and the Cancerian horoscopes usually hold some truth in regards to the type of person that I am and they day to day events of my life. Now all of a sudden I am expected to believe that my entire life has changed because someone discovered a new horoscope? WRONG.

I would like to encourage everyone to check the facts before jumping to conclusions and assuming that your entire life has just changed. The truth is that the discovery of the 13th sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus, does NOT apply to western astrology. – As confirmed by CNN and Jeff Jawer of tarot.com

So no, your zodiac sign hasn’t changed!

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