Nothing is stronger than the power of gratitude. To live a happy life, every day should be thanksgiving day! Being grateful and appreciating what you already have puts into motion the power to bring you more to be grateful for.

Now don’t get all “emo” on me by saying that you don’t have anything to be grateful for. Everyone has something to be grateful for. It may even be your ability to read this. – The problem is that too many people try to compare themselves with others, then find themselves falling short and not being able to show gratitude for anything. You are YOU. You are no one else. Comparing yourself, your life, and your “things to be grateful for” with others is not a very wise thing to do. You’ll just end up feeling miserable. Never compare yourself to anyone. You can’t be anyone else, and nobody else can be you!

Here is a little experiment for you: Think of yourself as the only person that matters in the universe, take everyone and everything else out of the picture. Ignore focusing on, and comparing yourself to others. Now look at yourself, look at all the things you have to be grateful for. Recognize all the awesomeness in your life. Be thankful!

No matter how big or how small, we all have many things to be grateful for. By focussing on the good, and showing gratitude for the good, we’ll naturally open ourselves up to receiving more of the good. Therefore; every day should be thanksgiving day!

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