There’s a new app available in both the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play called “Setting Captives Free” that thinks it can ‘cure’ people of being gay. The 60-day course tells gay people they are not “born this way” and offers to help find “freedom from the bondage of homosexuality.”

Multiple people have reported the app but it’s still available for download – even by young people. We need to get Apple and Google to pull it before anyone else is taken in by its lies and hate.

Apple has rejected ex-gay apps like this in the past, and Google has yanked some for violating their user agreement, which bans hate speech. They shouldn’t be making it easier for anti-gay groups to get away with their lies in this case either.

Will you sign the petition asking Apple and Google to pull the app from their stores immediately? If thousands of us sign right now, it will generate massive media buzz and pressure these major global companies, who are proud of their pro-equality brands, to act quickly.

Tell Apple and Google – drop “Setting Captives Free” now before anyone else gets hurt:

It’s almost funny that anyone thinks an app can ‘cure’ someone from being gay. But it’s not a joke  gay cure therapies are dangerous and prey on vulnerable people.

Major health organizations like American Psychiatric Association and Pan-American Health Organization, as well as many governments, have denounced all gay ‘cure’ practices as dangerous and discriminatory. There’s overwhelming evidence that these so-called treatments can cause terrible harm to lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people, or anyone forced to try to change who they are or who they love.

Apple and Google should be stopping hate like this at their gates. If “Setting Captives Free” gets away with it, soon others will be pushing their dangerous ‘pray away the gay’ practices further. We need to make it clear to these powerful global companies that they have to act fast and to pull this dangerous app and others like it from their stores immediately.

Ask Apple and Google to stop the hate and drop the app today:

All Out members are known for standing against dangerous gay cures all over the world. Because we’ve spoken out, officials in Argentina, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and beyond have denounced gay cures. It’s getting harder for anti-gay opponents to push their ‘cure’ agenda through governments, so now they’re resorting to corporate channels.

Will you join in sending Apple and Google a clear message that they can’t allow “Send Captives Free” to use their stores to spread the wrong-headed and dangerous message that being gay is a curable disease.

Sign now:

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