One of the most important elements of your living room is the footstool, but it’s also one of the most forgotten. In order to create a comfortable, inviting living room where you can unwind with your spouse and children, it’s important to invest in a good footstool. The word footstool make evoke an idea of a small, three-legged antique stool, but in reality, footstools are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and they have a variety of different options for functionality.

Leather Footstools

Leather footstools offer a chic, modern look in your living room. Though leather may seem a bit masculine, it can be quite feminine if you pair it with the right items, or you can balance a feminine living room with a few more masculine elements, which is important when you share your living room with a husband. Decide if you’d like sleek, polished leather, or if suede might be a better element for your home. If you have children, it’s important to consider if this fabric is manageable for your lifestyle, as it can take some extra care. For some more great options for quality footstools, check out SofaSofa:

Fabric Footstools

Fabric footstools offer versatility, because you can choose from a variety of fabric textures, colors, and prints. If your style would work better with a fabric footstool, then check out the options available to you. If you have small children or pets and need to have a footstool that’s easy to clean, be sure to check out this style. If you’re going to choose a print, be sure to evaluate the overall look of your living room, and choose something that will subtly blend in. If you don’t want the footstool in the middle of your living room at all times, invest in a tray in complimentary colors, place the tray on top of a footstool, and use it as an end table when you’re not using it as a footstool.

Storage Footstools

No matter what fabric you choose for your footstool, consider if you want it to have more functionality. Many footstools offer underneath storage space, where you can store videos, photo albums, DVDs, children’s books, or anything else you might want handy but not lying out on display. Storage footstools tend to be a little more bulky, so depending on your design aesthetic, you’ll have to decide if something more graceful would match your decor better.

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